Dear londmi,

Just got the mouthpiece and spent double time on my daily trombone routine . First it is a well made mouthpiece a+++ in the plating and best of all I found it was easy to adapt to after playing a wider rim mouthpiece with great intonation , high register burst out and nice low pedal notes. I think you got a well balanced mouthpiece here you should make some models with a deeper cup etc.keep me informed when you make other models. i will recomend this to any pro or advanced student the money invested was worth it’s value thanks.
Eddie Maldonado
Orq.La Preferida
arranger- trombonist

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Trombone Mouthpiece
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Hi Gary,

Thank you for the email. I have been waiting to see how I went with the New Horn in practice on the Wednesday just gone, and then I had a day of rehearsal Sunday (19th) from 10am till 4.00pm which was in preparation for the State Championships 26th August.

Most of the Wednesday and all of the Sunday practice were spent playing Test Pieces so difficult music and lots of work for Horns as well as the rest of the band. The sound of the instrument is great and I am finding that I can handle louder/ softer portions easier then previously. So the response of the Horn is very good. The major portion of the band who own their own instruments have top level Bessons or Yamaha and were very impressed with the look, feel and sound of the “Royal”. It did blend in well and is a pleasure to play. I am getting use to the feel of both holding such and the weight of this, compared to what I was playing but it will take time. It is a very good looking instrument but as well is a good performing instrument.

Have a good week

Geoff M.

Hi Gary

I have received Tenor Horn today,  It looks so beautiful and has good warm sound !

Thank you very much.

I will play this new tenor horn at new year concert.

Regards Jun